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  Smith Family Farm  C.S.A.  




Community Supported Agriculture Buy Local and Buy Organic.  Smith Family Farm is a small farm located in Fresno Ca. and is certified Organic by C.C.O.F.                                                                                            

CSA delivery drop off locations and times

For Tuesday deliveries to the Kerman Area. Orders need to be in by Monday morning,  no later than 9:00 a.m.

For Wednsday deliveries to Kaiser orders need to be in by Monday morning,no later than 9:00 a.m. 
Kaiser pickup hours 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.    

You pick your shares weekly.
Large Box = 10 shares  Small Box = 6 Shares
By Sunday morning a new list of items for the week will be
posted for you to pick from and make your selections.
email selections to

Sample of produce box
   ( Extra units are always available for purchase ! )
Large Box                                                    Small Box                          
1 Heads Lettuce                                          1 Head Letuce                                          
1Bunches Beets                                           1 Bunch Beets                        
1BunchesCarrots                                         1 Bunch Carrots                   
1 Large Head Cabbage                                1 Small Head Cabbage           
1 Bunch Spinach                                         1 Bunch  Spinach
1 Lb. Green Beans                                       1 Lb. Green Beans                 
1 Bunch Kale                                                                          
2 Leek                                                                                   
1 1/2 lb.  Potatoes
2 lbs. Oranges
Payment Terms:
Monthly  Large Share $114.00   
                Small Share  $88.00

Quarterly  Large Share $342.00
                 Small Share  $264.00

6 Months  Large Share  $ 712.50  ( 1 week free )
                 Small Share  $550.00  ( 1 week free )

Annual    Large Share    $ 1425.00  ( 2 weeks free )
               Small Share     $1100.00 ( 2 weeks free )

Making month to yearly commitments helps ensure
our family farm will be around to grow for you.

Returned Check Policy:
Okay, we don't like this one any more than you do, but we've gotta have it in writing.  So if you should happen to bounce a check, we reserve the right to collect a $45.00 fee to cover the logistical cost inherit to correcting the situation/arranging for replacement payment etc.

Vacation Policy:
We will gladly work with you. Have fun.

Pick-up Protocol:
Your box will be ready and waiting.  Please bring in weeks previous empty box so we can exchange boxes. This creates a box exchange.

Shared Risk:
There is an important concept woven into the C.S.A. model that takes arrangement beyond the usual commercial transaction.  That is notion of shared risk.  If a hail storm takes out all the Peppers everyone is dissapointed together, and together we cheer on summer corn and watermelons.  We as C.S.A. farmers have a great responsibility to our members to service you to the best of our ability, weather permitting.

The Smith Family wants to be your personal farmer!!  We thank you!!

Smith Family Farm
Mike and Sandie Smith
: ( 559-230-7205 )
Address:  3108 So
.  Blythe  Avenue
Fresno Calif. 93706-9035

Make Checks or Money Orders payable to Smith Farms


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